Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Funi Player and Funi Player Lite updated to Ver. 1.20.

Funi Player and Funi Player Lite are updated to Ver. 1.20.

The most impressive change in this version is pitch control and speed control. By using excellent Dirac Pro API, those two feature is now to the level of professional music device. Dirac Time Stretching & Pitch Shifting technology is one of the best in the world, and many famous professional iOS Apps is using it. Therefore, it is enjoyable experience to test various variations with the technology. I specially appreciate Stephan M. Bernsee of DSP Dimension. Without his advice, it would be impossible to finish this update.

Below are several big pictures of Ver. 1.20.

Enhanced pitch control

The quality of pitch control is a lot different from the previous versions.
Moreover, some cute buttons are added to provide easy access to funny effects. Man icon will shift down to half octave. Adversely, woman icon will lead to half octave up. Natural Up button will only work while shifting up. By using it, you can keep formant of sound steadily, so there will be no chipmunk sound in pitching up.

The same Pitch Shifting effect is also used in Vocal Removed Effect, however Natural Up button is excluded considering performance.

Detailed Speed Control

The next biggest change is Speed Control. Quality is much enhance by using Dirac API, so this version will provide deeper experience and taste of musics.
In previous version, the range of time stretch is between 0.5 X and 2.0 X. In version 1.20, the range is between 0.25X and 2.0X. Minimum control scale is now 0.01, so there is no fractures in scaling up. In Lite version, the minimum scale is now 0.05.

Other changes

To solve some crashes reported by some users while updating library, data base structure and the process of updating library are simplified and enhanced. Recording quality of some effects are enhanced, and supporting file format is enlarged to Wav. and Aif. in Vocal Removed Effect, Pitch Control and Speed Control. Effect Playing was crashed when there is no artist name in version 1.16, and this bug is fixed in version 1.20. Several minor changes are also made in this version.

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