Friday, February 10, 2012

Effects in Funi Player

Apple approved Funi Player, so now it is launched today.

In this post, I will introduce you the most exciting features of Funi Player. The uniqueness of Funi Player comes from these diverse Effects. Funi Player has one more deep hierarchy in each song level differently from other music players. When users touch a blue arrow in the right side of each song title, menu page for effects will be opened. In Songs tab, default behavior is going to this detail page. The first button is for Normal Play menu just like usual music players. The next section is for Special Effect to be described in this post.

There are four interesting effects in Funi Player. Especially, Acappella Effect is unique. As far as I know, Funi Player is the first App supporting Acappella Effect. In this effect, vocals will remain, however instrumental will go away. Moreover, this is a real time DSP effect, so there’s no need to wait for tedious converting time. Just touch the button and go on the fly!

   Acappella Effect
-       Based on songs in device, hear only vocals by removing instrumental sound.
-       Just as other vocal extraction technologies in PC and Mac world, Acappella Effect is not perfect, but enjoyable enough.
-       Turn on and off Acappella Effect in real time with an on/off button.
-       For stable performance, scrubbing is locked.
-       Supporting MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless format.

The next one is Vocal Removed Effect. This is exactly the adverse effect. Instrumentals will be heard, however vocals will be lost. This is not from a simple phase technique, so the sound is in stereo.

   Vocal Removed Effect
-       Adversely, hear only instrumentals by removing vocals in real time.
-       Also not perfect as paid instrumental files of music labels, however Vocal Removed Effect will provide fresh and enjoyable experience.
-       It is not from a simple left-minus-right control, so the sound is in stereo.
-       For stable performance, scrubbing is locked.
-       Supporting MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless format.

The next one is Reverse Play Effect. Different from other effects, reverse effect needs short preparation time. In iPhone 4S, it will take about 3 seconds, in iPhone 4, 5 seconds, and in iPhone 3GS, 10 seconds.

   Reverse Play Effect
-       With an on/off button, change the direction of playing forward and backward.
-       This feature is just for fun and better music experience.
-       Scrubbing supported.
-       Supporting all music file format in device.

The last one is Speed Control Play. After touching on the album artwork while playing, there will be four buttons under the scrub slider. Users can easily go to 1, 3, 5, and 10 seconds behind with these buttons.

  Speed Control Play
-       Change playing speed from 0.5 X to 2.0 X.
-       For Podcast, audio book and iTunesU, Speed Control Play is the only effect existing in details page.
-       Scrubbing supported.
-       Supporting all music file format in device.

In all these effects except Speed Control Play, recording will be supported. If a user touches the record button in the right side of play/pause button, there will be a message if you record or not. If touch yes, it will save the effected song while playing from the first to the end. The next step will be sending an email to transfer the effected sound to other devices. Due to the big file size of audio, it will take some time until receiving the email. In some emails of user settings, attachment file size is limited under 20 MB or under. For this case, there will be an option to compress the original WAV file to AAC file. File size of AAC converted file will be about 10% of original file.

   Recoding to send an email
-       Record to send an email is for transferring songs with Acappella Effect, Vocal Removed Effect and Reverse Play Effect to other devices just like PCs and Macs
-       After recording, WAV file is ready for sending an email.
-       Email of Funi Player is using the email set in your device, so please check the maximum attaching size of your email.
-       Funi Player also supports AAC compressing.
-       Recording songs over 10 minutes is not supported in Funi Player.

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