Saturday, February 18, 2012

Personalized Home

The welcome page of Funi Player is packed with personalized information.

Most of all, my favorite song, album, artist and genre is automatically analyzed and displayed in this Home tab.

From this personalized feature, you may feel this is the music player only for you.
No more the same music player for everyone!

Just under it, there is a menu, Recently Played Songs.
In iPod Player, you can see the full recently played items only after syncing with iTunes.
In Funi Player, however, you may see the recently played songs at any time when you need it.

Under Recently Played Songs, you will find My Library.
My Library is the dashboard showing total number of songs, albums, artists and genres in my music library.

Update button in the bottom of Home tab is normally not necessary.
Media library update will be done automatically.

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