Friday, February 10, 2012

Funi Player as a music player

Funi Player has many interesting effects, however the baseline of Funi Player is a music player. For the purpose of expansion from default iPod player, Funi Player is perfectly related to iPod. To add or remove songs, iTunes in PC or Mac will be used. If a user add music or playlist to iPod, Funi Player updates its library automatically, so there is no need to add songs again to Funi Player. While playing music in iPod, user can turn on Funi Player and control the music continuously.

Unlike default music player, songs in the cloud feature of Apple, iTunes Match will not be added to the library of Funi Player. However, songs downloaded from iTunes Match will be on the library and can be played. Normally, Funi Player updates its library automatically. To prepare for unexpected errors, manual update button is supported in the bottom of Home page.

As a music player, Funi Player supports following features: play and pause, play collections, play next, play previous, scrubbing, now playing button, searching, index, lyrics, repeat, shuffle, background play, interruption handling and remote control. All these features are compatible with the default iPod player.

There are several more powerful features in Funi Player. One of them is the search function of Funi Player. If users drag down the table in Playlist tab, a search box will appear. Let’s say we are in a situation. If there are many playlists, it is hard to remember what is the playlist my song is located. Funi Player supports an easy search option in the search box to find the playlist.

The next one is recently played list. In iPod player, users do not have any way to access recently played list until device is synced to iTunes in PC or Mac. However, Funi Player supports recently played list even without sync to iTunes. This is one of the powerful and useful functions of Funi Player.

I believe that users will find out more interesting features in Funi Player. I will not address them all for users’ delight to find them one by one.

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